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Sam Riedijk, PhD

Sam Riedijk, PhD
Assistant Professor and Medical Psychologist, PhD

Department of Clinical Genetics
Erasmus MC
Faculty Building, Ee2014
Wytemaweg 80

3015 CN Rotterdam 

The Netherlands   

Email: s.riedijk@erasmusmc.nl
Tel: +31 (0) 10 7036915

Personal profile and research ambition
As a counselor, I am familiar with the challenges and expectations of patients opting for genetic counseling. My aim is to conduct clinically based psychological research enabling us offer adequate psychological support in the rapidly advancing field of clinical genetics. Over the past five years my attention has focused on the broadening scope of prenatal genetic testing and its implications for patient informed decision-making and well-being. Over the next  five years I aim to focus on the psychological aspects of the introduction of genome editing techniques in patient treatment of monogenic disorders such as Huntington’s and Pompe disease, as well.

Patient care
I provide pre- and post-test counseling and decision-counseling to patients opting for presymptomatic testing for oncogenetic and neurogenetic diseases. In recent years my main area of patients care has been in the provision of decision-counselling and aftercare to patients who are confronted with fetal anomalies in their pregnancy. Clinical geneticists and genetic counsellors may consult me for their patient care. Psychology interns learn to provide psychological counselling under my supervision.

Teaching skills
The Minor Genetics in Society is a 10-week course for 3rd year university students containing topics such as genetic manipulation, forensic genetics and the psychology of hereditary disease. I initiated and coordinate this minor and have attracted top researchers of the specific fields to enthuse the students with their lectures.

I have developed and I coordinate and provide education in basic genetic counselling skills to 2nd, 3rd  and 4th year medical students and I coordinate the module Decision-making regarding congenital anomalies.

Co-chair of the European Meeting of Psychosocial Aspects of Genetics EMPAG scientific program committee. The EMPAG biannual congress is leading in the field of psychosocial aspects of genetics and is held concurrently with the European Society of Human Genetics conference. Member of the scientific program committee of the European Society of Human Genetics.