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Karin Diderich

120px x 180px_Karin DiderichKarin Diderich (1975) has been working as a staff member of the Department of Clinical Genetics at Erasmus MC since 2011, with prenatal genetics as the main focus area in patient care as well as in research and education. Karin is closely involved in the expansion of the possibilities of diagnostics for structural abnormalities in pregnancies. An article of a master student she supervised was recently submitted (‘’The potential diagnostic yield of Whole Exome Sequencing in 391 pregnancies complicated by fetal ultrasound anomalies and with normal chromosomal microarray results''). Karin is a lecturer in the medicine curriculum and the Minor Genetics in Society.

Karin studied medicine at the Erasmus University. After her MD, she performed PhD research at the department of Genetics at Erasmus MC. This resulted in a thesis entitled 'Bone aging in DNA repair deficient trichothiodystrophy mice' (2010). She followed her training as a clinical geneticist at Erasmus MC.

She is a member of the national VKGN Quality Committee, the Working Group on Information and Education about Prenatal Screening of the RIVM, the VKGN Working Group on Prenatal Genetics, the Working Group on Prenatal Diagnostics and Therapy (WPDT) and the Working Group on Skeletal Dysplasia.

Selection of publications:

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