Euthanasia and medical decisions at the end of life in 2010

Euthanasia and other medical decisions at the end of life in 2010

Since 1990 every five years medical decisions at the end of life are studied in the Netherlands.  These decisions concern euthanasia, physician assisted suicide, intensive pain and symptom management and decisions to forgo life prolonging treatment.   In follow up to previous research, the frequency of these medical decisions in 2010 is studied.  We will also study changes in the way decisions are made and the percentage of cases of euthanasia and physician assisted suicide that are reported to the review committees.  To answer these research questions, data were gathered between  August and November 2010 about a sample of 6000 deaths.  Results of this study are of importance for politics, policy makers and health care professionals, both in the Netherlands and abroad. This study is conducted by the Erasmus MC, University Medical Center Rotterdam,  the VU medical center in Amsterdam and the University Medical Center Utrecht,  in collaboration with Statistics Netherlands.


Contactperson: A. Brinkman - Stoppelenburg