dr. J.A.C. (Judith) Rietjens

Judith 2017Judith Rietjens works as an associate professor at the Department of Public Health of Erasmus MC, the Netherlands. 
She is involved in several local, national and international projects. In 2017, she was honoured with a NWO VIDI grant (Innovational Research Incentives for academic excellence) and a EUR Fellowship, that allow her to study patient engagement and self-management of patients with advanced cancer. She is co-lead of a EU FP7 funded international study ACTION, about advance care planning in Europe and coordinates a study about the cost-effectiveness of advance care planning in Dutch care homes. She coordinates the advance care planning taskforce of the EAPC that resulted in a white paper on advance care planning, published in the Lancet Oncology, in 2017.

Before, she was honoured with a NWO VENI grant and a EUR fellowship, that enables her to coordinate an international study (the UNBIASED study) that evaluated the practice of palliative sedation in the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK from an empirical and ethical perspective. In the period Sept 2013-Dec 2013 she was a fellow at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study (NIAS), as a result of the "For Women in Science" fellowship she was awarded with in 2012 by L’Oréal-Unesco, NIAS and LNVH. In 2010 she was a visiting researcher at the dept. of Geriatrics of Yale School of Medicine in New Haven (US) and in 2005 at the Buehler Center on Aging of the Northwestern University in Chicago (US).

Primary research interests and specialties are:
- patient engagement and self-management
- advance care planning
- end-of-life care and end-of-life decision-making, including palliative sedation and euthanasia

J.A.C. Rietjens, PhD
Associate professor
Department of Public Health
Erasmus MC
P.O. Box 2040
3000 CA Rotterdam
The Netherlands

tel: +31 10 7043056
email: j.rietjens@erasmusmc.nl
Personal webpage: http://survey.erasmusmc.nl/intern/pwp/?jrietjens
LinkedIn: http://nl.linkedin.com/pub/judith-rietjens/40/777/599