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Personalized medicine

Laboratory of Translational Pharmacology
Many patient-related factors influence the exposure to drugs involved in anti-cancer treatment. In the laboratory of Translational Pharmacology drug concentrations of anti-cancer drugs or supporting agents, obtained from clinical and pre-clinical studies, are measured. 

Our laboratory is involved in five main activities:
1. (Drug-drug) interaction studies
2. Lifestyle studies
3. Mechanistic pharmacokinetic, –dynamic, and -genetic studies
4. Personalized dosing strategies
5. Studies on side effects


 Prof Mathijssen with his scientific team (PhD students and postdocs)

Our Publications

Three key publications

• Van Leeuwen RWF, van Gelder T, Mathijssen RHJ, and Jansman FGA. Drug-drug interactions with tyrosine kinase inhibitors: a clinical perspective. Lancet Oncol. 15: e315-26, 2014. PubMed

• Van Leeuwen R.W.F., Peric R., Hussaarts K.G.A.M., Kienhuis E., IJzerman N.S., de Bruijn P., van der Leest C., Codrington H., Kloover J.S., van der Holt B., Aerts J.G., van Gelder T., and Mathijssen R.H.J. Influence of the acidic beverage cola on the absorption of erlotinib in patients with non-small-cell lung cancer. J. Clin. Oncol.  34(12): 1309-3014, 2016. PubMed

• Henricks L.M., Lunenburg C.A.T.C., de Man F.M., Meulendijks D., Frederix G.W.J., Kienhuis E., Creemers G.-J., Baars A., Dezentjé V.O., Imholz A.L.T., Jeurissen F., Portielje J.E.A., Jansen R.L.H., Hamberg P., ten Tije A.J., Droogendijk H.J., Koopman M., Nieboer P., van de Poel M.H.W., Mandigers C.M.P.W., Rosing H., Beijnen J.H., van Werkhoven E., van Kuilenburg A.B.P., van Schaik R.H.N., Mathijssen R.H.J., Swen J.J., Gelderblom H., Cats A., Guchelaar H.-J., and Schellens J.H.M. DPYD genotype-guided dose individualisation of fluoropyrimidine therapy in patients with cancer: A prospective safety analysis. Lancet Oncol. 19 (11): 1459-1467, 2018. PubMed

Two recent publications

• Basak E.A., Koolen S.L.W., Hurkmans D.P., Schreurs M.W.J., Bins S., Oomen-de Hoop E., Wijkhuis A.J.M., den Besten I., Sleijfer S., Debets R., van der Veldt A.A.M., Aerts J.G.J.V., and Mathijssen R.H.J. Correlation between nivolumab exposure and treatment outcomes in non-small-cell lung cancer. Eur. J. Cancer 109: 12-20, 2019. Pubmed

• de Man FM, Hussaarts KGAM, de With M, Oomen-de Hoop E, de Bruijn P, van Halteren HK, van der Burg-de Graauw NCHP, Eskens FALM, van Gelder T, van Leeuwen RWF, and Mathijssen RHJ. Influence of the Proton Pump Inhibitor Esomeprazole on the Bioavailability of Regorafenib: A Randomized Crossover Pharmacokinetic Study. Clin Pharmacol Ther. 2019 Jun;105(6):1456-1461. PubMed