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How to study Medicine in NL

Coming to the Netherlands as a foreigner to take up or continue your studies in Medicine may prove to be quite hard. Here is why:

Erasmus MC - medicine - lectureLimited enrolment
In the Netherlands, the number of applicants for BSc and MSc studies in Medicine exceeds the number of available places. At Erasmus MC as well as other universities, a selection among eligible applicants is made. There is a fixed quota for the number of students as a whole, and an additional quota for the places open to foreigners. This means that one’s chances of getting in are extremely small.

In the Netherlands, only Maastricht University offers a BSc program in Medicine in the English language.   

Mastering the Dutch language
All foreign students or holders of foreign diplomas are required to pass a Dutch language entrance exam at the 'NT2' level, before they can be admitted at Erasmus MC. This means you will have to become proficient in Dutch without any guarantee of being admitted to the study.

Application for admission at BSc level
If you have met all the requirements, you may apply for enrolment via http://eur.studielink.nl/ . For the medical BSc program, you will additionally need to apply for admission through our decentral selection procedure, via decentraleselectie@erasmusmc.nl .

Financing the study
Non-EU students are required to pay the institute tuition fees:
- € 20,000 per year for the 3-year BSc program in Medicine
- € 20,000 per year for the 3-year MSc program in Medicine
Apart from tuition fees, you will need a minimum of € 950 per month for the rent of a student room and general costs of living.

Medical curriculum info
The Erasmus MC BSc and MSc programs in Medicine are offered only in Dutch. Take a look at the Dutch Geneeskunde webpages for information on the curriculum.