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Bank account

As you will be living in the Netherlands for an extended period of time, we recommend opening a Dutch bank account. You will for instance need a Dutch bank account if you want to pay your tuition fee in installments. All banks can charge for products and services, but they must inform you of the charges levied.
There are several major banks in the Netherlands. For a corporate social responsibility comparison of all Dutch banks, see the Eerlijke Bankwijzer (largely in Dutch).
There is a cash dispenser (ATM, in Dutch: geldautomaat) of ING in the main hall on the 1st floor of the Hospital building.
The ABN AMRO offers online banking facilities that are completely in English. To open a bank account with ABN AMRO:
• apply for an International Student account at ABN AMRO. When you have completed the form digitally you must print it, sign it and have it co-signed and stamped at the International Office front desk (in the Education Center).
• Please bring the following documents with you
a. copy of your passport
b. copy of your acceptance at Erasmus MC of proof of student number
c. copy of your rental agreement (or proof that you have a home address in Netherlands)
• These documents must be sent to the bank and they will inform you of the rest of the procedure.