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Public Transport in NL

double decker train Dutch railwaysThe Netherlands offers a wide variety of high-quality transportation means. Schiphol is one of the most important airports with many international flights.
Rotterdam Port is one of the biggest harbors in the world. Railway transport is also well organized and connects smoothly to the international network.

  • Arriving at Schiphol Airport
    The railway station of Schiphol Airport is located at walking distance from the arrivals hall. Take the train to Rotterdam Central Station. Continue your journey by bus, tram, metro, or taxi.
  • Arriving at Rotterdam Airport
    A single bus line leads from Rotterdam Airport to the Central Station. At the station, continue your journey by bus, tram, metro, taxi, or train.
  • Journey planner
    When travelling by public transport within the Netherlands, you can use the 9292 journey planner.
  • Tickets: the OV chipcard
    Use a chipcard to pay for all types of public transport in the Netherlands, including trains: the OV chipkaart (where OV stands for openbaar vervoer = public transport). Visit the OV chipcard website for more information.
  • Subscriptions and discount cards
    Apart from loading travel credit on your chip card, you can opt for an off-peak 40% discount subscription for NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen = Dutch Railways) tickets. See the NS website (in Dutch) for more details.
    Likewise, the RET (Rotterdamse Elektrische Tram = the Rotterdam public transport company) offers subscriptions that may save you a considerable amount of money if you travel the same metro, tram, or bus route on a daily basis for an extended period of time. The RET website has more details (in Dutch).

Pick Up Service
If you would like private transport, we ca arrange a pick up for you by a private taxi, but do note that there are costs involved that will have to be paid by you. Please contact the International Office for more information.

Download the public transport map of the greater Rotterdam area.

Contact the International Office if you need assistance.