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Health insurance

Basic health insurance
Dutch legislation requires, with some exceptions, that everybody who lives in The Netherlands has a health insurance. It is also one of the conditions for the residence UMCpermit. Employees of Erasmus MC are advised to take health insurance with UMC Zorgverzekering (Health Insurance). Erasmus MC has negotiated a collective health insurance policy for its employees, with affordable premiums and discounts, with the insurance company UMC Health Insurance . This insurance is also possible for internationals with a visiting agreement, especially when they are joined by their families. A visiting agreement doesn’t give the possibility of the discount on the premium. If you want more information about this insurance, please contact the International Office at internationaloffice@erasmusmc.nl.  Please also check Welcome to UMC Zorgverzekering for more details.

Basic premium
The premium for the basic health insurance is partly paid by you and partly by your employer. Your premium is a fixed amount per month. The basic premium is approximately the same with all insurance companies.
The basic insurance package covers the standard costs, such as a visit to the general practitioner, a hospital or the pharmacy. The government determines the specifications of the basic insurance package. For certain treatments you will need supplementary insurance. Because basic insurance package is mandatory, insurers must accept all applicants. Medical exclusion based on age, gender or health is not permitted. Please check Welcome to UMC Zorgverzekering for more details.

nurses Erasmus MCPolicy excess
The basic health insurance scheme obliges each insured party to pay excess (aka own risk). This means that you receive money from the insurer only if your annual medical expenses exceed this amount. Some insurers allow you to voluntarily select a higher policy excess. Your monthly premiums are then lower. Each year, the government sets the level of the mandatory excess. Even if you do not have any medical expenses in the course of the year, you will not get a refund on your premium. Please check Welcome to UMC Zorgverzekering for more details.

Supplementary insurance
You have the option to take out supplementary insurance for the medical expenses that do not fall under the basic insurance package, for example, increased reimbursement for physical therapy. Supplementary insurance may differ from insurer to insurer. An insurance company may reject an application for supplementary insurance based on medical history, for example. A very common supplementary insurance is dental insurance.

You need the BSN (Citizen Service Number) to conclude an insurance policy. If you haven't yet been assigned your BSN, you may register provisionally for a health insurance policy, to prevent getting a fine. Please contact the International Office at internationaloffice@erasmusmc.nl for further information about the BSN or check Mandatory Registrations.

Further reading
For more information, visit the Euraxess webpages on healthcare in the Netherlands.  

Are you here as a guest ?
If you are not a paid employee, but work at Erasmus MC as a guest, it is also possible to conclude your own health insurance via (for example) AON or IPS. Although primarily customized for students, researchers and guest employees may take out any of these insurance policies as well.