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Bank account

When working in the Netherlands it is recommended that you open a bank account at a Dutch bank. When receiving salary from Erasmus MC, it is even required to have a Dutch bank account.
Of course you can open a Dutch bank account at several bank firms in the Netherlands. The Expatdesk Rotterdam offers the possibility to open a bank account at ABN AMRO bank in a combined appointment regarding  registration in the Municipal population register (BRP) / opening a bank account. Please contact the International Office at internationaloffice@erasmusmc.nl for more information.

Please note that banks in the Netherlands may ask for your Tax Identification Number (TIN) from your country of origin, if applicable.

For your convenience, there is a cash dispenser (ATM, in Dutch: geldautomaat) of ING in the main hall on the 1st floor of the Hospital building and of ABN AMRO on the 3rd floor of the EE building (Medical Faculty).