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Local taxes


Municipal tax

The municipality levies a number of local taxes such as property tax on real estate, domestic waste tax and sewage tax.

Every year the municipality sends you an annual tax form. These are the taxes that need to be paid on a yearly basis:

  • property tax is calculated on the value of your house and has to be paid by the owner of the house, not the tenant.
  • domestic waste tax is meant to cover the costs of collection and processing of domestic refuse. This tax is usually paid together with the costs of electricity and natural gas.
  • sewage tax is charged to cover the cost of the sewers and has to be paid by the owner of the house.
  • dog-licence fee is charged annually. Dog owners are required to submit relevant information to the municipal tax office.

Inhabitants of Rotterdam click here for more information.

Regionale Belasting Groep


Water management board tax

Within the Greater Rotterdam area, three of our country's 27 water authorities, or water management boards, are in charge of the maintenance of dikes and dams, water level control, waste water treatment and water quality management.  The water authorities impose waste water taxes on all residents and companies within their borders. Most likely, you will receive a yearly bill from the Regionale Belasting Groep.