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Langerak-51x53px Associate Professor, Laboratory Medical Immunology,
 Department of Immunology

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 Molecular Immunodiagnostics (MID) Research Group

The research in the MID group is at the interface between normal and malignant lymphoid development. This fundamental knowledge can be translated into better diagnostics, more accurate prognostic classification, and improved treatment stratification of lymphoid malignancies. As a direct spin-off, these studies might contribute to the identification of novel therapeutic targets.

One major focus of our work is around V(D)J recombination of immunoglobulin (IG) and T-cell receptor (TR) genes, which is a key process during (early) lymphoid differentiation to establish a broad repertoire of antigen-recognizing receptors. In mature leukemias the exact IG and TR composition is thought to reflect antigenic stimulation, which may play a role in pathogenesis. Although the V(D)J recombination process is tightly regulated, aberrant V(D)J recombination occurs, resulting in the coupling of IG-TR loci to oncogenes. As a consequence, the involved oncogene is transcriptionally deregulated, eventually resulting in a block in lymphoid differentiation. This differentiation arrest is postulated to lead to a pre-leukemic cell population, followed by multiple additional genetic hits resulting in overt (acute) leukemias or lymphomas. Insight into normal and oncogenic IG-TR recombination events will thus shed light on the pathogenic mechanisms underlying leukemia formation.

Another major focus is on the effect of immune ageing on lymphoid cells (i.e. T cells and also B cells) and the potential relationship with lymphoid malignancies that typically occur in the elderly, such as chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and large granular lymphocytic (LGL) leukemia.   


Fig. 1 Circoletto plot highlighting the clonal heterogeneity of CD8+ T-LGL

fig 2b-250 fig 2a-250






Fig. 2 
Increased basal signaling in especially mutated CLL (M-CLL)

Our current research lines are:

  1. T-cell development, TR recombination, and immune ageing (model systems: human thymocytes, Nijmegen breakage syndrome with TR translocus recombinations, immature T-cell leukemias with TR translocations)
  2. Immunopathogenesis of mature lymphoproliferations (model systems: MBL, CLL, T-LGL) with special emphasis on antigenic stimulation, receptor signalling, and genetic aberrations)

Our research is tightly embedded in international networks (EuroClonality, EuroFlow, ERIC) and / or linked with international clinical trials (CLL trials).

 Group members

Anton W. Langerak, Group leader
Jorn Assman, PhD student
Martijn Kolijn, PhD student
Simar Pal Singh, PhD student
Fatemeh Saberi Hosnijeh, Post Doc
Ellen van Gastel-Mol, Research Assistant
Joyce Schilperoord-Vermeulen, Research Assistant
Kim Heezen, Research Assistant
Brigitte van Krimpen, Research Assistant
Tamara Pesic, Research Assistant
Michele van der Klift, Research Assistant
Roxane Wouters, Research Assistant
Barbara Barendregt, Research Assistant 

 Selected Publications

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