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 Autoimmune Disease Diagnostics (AID) Research interest

Research activities in the AID group focus on biomarkers in autoimmune- and inflammatory disease, in particular autoantibodies. Investigating the role of (novel) autoantibodies in disease processes may result in improved diagnostic and prognostic classification, and improved treatment stratification of such diseases. A second focus is on the role of specific IgE antibodies, in particular IgE directed against allergen components, in allergic disease.

State-of-the-art technology is available in the AID group for the analysis of antibodies in blood, CSF and other body fluids. Technology includes (indirect) immunofluorescence, immunoblotting, ELISA-based techniques and micro-array. In collaboration with different clinical and basic research partners, this technology is used to support different research projects addressing clinical and basic research questions. In addition, currently available antibody detection systems are improved on a regular basis, often in collaboration with the IVD industry, and novel techniques are developed and validated for clinical and research application. Besides investigating the role of known autoantibodies, the AID group also sets out to identify novel autoantibodies.

Fig1-spot-20 Fig2-blot reco

Fig.1 Recoverin-specific anti-retinal autoantibodies in an autoimmune retinopathy patient detected by immunofluorecence (left) and immunoblot (right).

A third focus involves the implementation and application of companion diagnostics for biologic therapy: therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM). TDM for anti-TNF-alpha biologics is currently implemented for the application in both adult and pediatric patients with autoimmune-/inflammatory diseases, in order to investigate the relation between trough biologic levels and different clinical parameters.


Fig4-SjS en SSc-10-1500

Fig. 2  Anti-Sm autoantibodies in SLE patients (left) and Sjögren/systemic sclerosis patients (right) analyzed using two different test systems.

The research projects the AID group is currently involved in include:

  1. The role of autoimmunity and involvement of specific anti-retinal autoantibodies in chorioretinal disorders (collaboration with the department of Ophthalmology).
  2. Therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) assay development and implementation for improving management of patients treated with anti-TNF-alpha biologic therapies (collaboration with the departments of Dermatology and Pharmacy).
  3. The clinical relevance of autoantibodies directed against the voltage-gated potassium channel (VGKC)-complex in patients with (suspected) autoimmune encephalitis (collaboration with the department of Neurology).

 Group members

Marco W.J. Schreurs, Group leader AID aug 2016.300x200
Cindy Kneppers, Research Assistant
Jac Kuijpers-Entrup, Research Assistant
Zenovia Lourens-Florencia,
      Research Assistant
Elham Torabi-Azhandeh,
      Research Assistant
Sanae Boukhrissi, Research Assistant
Jacolien Vermeer, Research Assistant
Kimberly Scheurwater,
      Research Assistant

Associated PhD students:
Josianne ten Berge
      (Dept. Ophthalmology)
Sun-Jine van Bezooijen (Depts. Dermatology and Pharmacy)
Agnes van Sonderen (Dept. Neurology)

 Selected Publications

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