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Erasmus Hematology Award

The Erasmus Hematology Award has been established to honor a distinguished scientist who has made pivotal contributions to our understanding in an area of hematology.

Erasmus Hematology AwardThe prize was first awarded in 2013.

The reason for the department of Hematology to institute the award relates to the department’s own international scientific activities and profile. The award recipient receives a sum of EUR 2500 and a special sculpture as a token of the award.

The award is presented on a biannual event that involves a visit of 1 ½ day with various activities, including a lab meeting, meetings with PhD students and the award lecture as the highlight of the 2nd day.

Recipients of the Erasmus Hematology Award:

2013  Dr. Todd R. Golub

2015  Dr. Timothy J. Ley

2017 Dr. Neil S. Young

2019 Dr. David Lillicrap click here for more information

Erasmus Hematology Award Lecture 2019
David Lillicrap
the Department of Pathology and Molecular
Medicine, Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada
Award Lecture: The intertwined life cycles and fates of factor VIII and von Willebrand factor
Date: 14 March 2019 at 4:00 pm