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About the Graduate School

Europe's leading Life Sciences institute!

Erasmus MC Graduate School consists of the Master- and PhD-education in Life Sciences of the Erasmus MC. The five different researchmasters provide an excellent preparation for a career as a researcher.

The five researchschools that are united within the Graduate School offer PhD positions for those with ambition to become researcher. Erasmus MC performs internationally outstanding research in the biomedical, clinical and health sciences.

It excels in many fields, studying not only fundamental, clinical and epidemiological
domains – “from molecules to the whole organism” and “from bench to bedside” – but also policy-related ones: “from patient to population”.

In a recent citation analysis comparing all university medical centers in the Netherlands, Erasmus MC came top for both quantity and quality of its research.

We are always looking for the very best students and researchers over the world. If you are an eager ambitious and talented student you are more than welcome to see what your possibilities here would be.

Board Graduate School

Prof.dr. C.I. de Zeeuw (Onwar) (voorzitter)
Prof.dr. D. Duncker (Coeur)
Prof.dr. F. Grosveld (MGC)
Prof.dr. A. Hofman (Nihes)
Prof.dr. A.D.M.E. Osterhaus (MolMed)