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From 1996-2002 Sonja Buschow studied Medical Biology at Utrecht University. For her Master degree she studied GGA protein function in the group of prof. Margaret Robinson at the University of Cambridge (United Kindom) and MHC class II sorting into Multi-vesicular bodies in the Laboratory of prof. Willem Stoorvogel at the UMC Utrecht. In the latter research group she continued her scientific training studying the mechanisms of formation, secretion and targeting of Dendritic cell (DC) and B cell exosomes.
After receiving her doctorate in 2006 she moved to the department of tumor Immunology at the UMC St Radboud/ NCMLS to work as a postdoctoral scientist in the group of prof. Carl Figdor. Here she used Mass spectrometry and transcriptome analysis to study the molecular dynamics of phagosomes, DCs and blood cells to learn more about the optimal application of dendritic cells in cancer immunotherapy. This resulted in several publications describing the proteome of phagosomes and DCs and in the discovery of Semaphorin 7A as a regulator of DC migration.  In 2011 she was granted an EMBO-short term fellowship for a 3-month visit to the laboratory of Prof Garcia-Parajo at the Institute of photonic sciences in Barcelona (Spain) to use high resolution microscopy to study cell surface organization of the pattern recognition receptor DC-SIGN in DCs.  
In 2014 Sonja continued her scientific career at her current location in the department of Gastroenterology to work with Dr. Andrea Woltman and to study antigen presentation in chronic hepaptitis B (HBV) and HBV related hepatocellular carcinoma. Her final goal is to develop antigen presentation based immunotherapy to fight these deadly conditions for which currently only limited treatment options exist. For therapy design she now studies the presentation of (viral) antigens on dendritic cells and hepatocytes and investigates DC function and T cell responses in HBV related liver disease.

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