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Research projects (195)

2000 HIV Human Functional Genomics Partnership Program (2000-HIV Study)

Extend knowledge of clinical and host/immune factors associated with treatment outcomes in chronically treated HIV-infected patients

A digital antimicrobial stewardship smartphone application to combat AMR: the AB-assistant

Evaluation of AB-assistant, a smartphone app that is customizable to local guidelines and can be used worldwide, including in low- and middle-income countries

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and frontaltemporal dementia (FTD)

Both ALS and FTD can result from a GGGGCC repeat expansion in the C9orf72 gene. While normally the repeat is present 2-8X, in ALS/FTD patients it can be expanded 100x to 4000x.

AmyVasc; Amyloid pathology and vascular disease in focus

We study the interaction between amyloid pathology and vascular disease by performing PET-CT and MRI scans in healthy participants aged ≥ 60 years.


Prognostic models in patients with neck pain in physiotherapy practice. A cohort study that evaluated usual care manual therapy (MEC-2007-359).

An Integrated Tool-Kit for the Clinical Evaluation of Microbial Detection and Antibiotic Susceptibility Point-of-Care Testing Technologies (TEMPOtest-QC).

The TEMPOtest-QC project was an EU FP7-funded project that was established to help rapid diagnostic ‘point-of-care’ device developers for detecting respiratory and dental infections.

Ankle Osteoarthritis Cohort

To study the association between early radiographic features of ankle osteoarthritis and symptoms.


A steppedwedge cluster randomized controlled trial to evaluate the effect of a locally tailored approach for preconception care.


Breast cancer patients face the risk of a contralateral breast cancer (CBC). Average lifetime risk is 15% but up to 60% for BRCA1/2 mutation carriers. Valid risk estimates are needed to develop a personalized prediction tool for CBC.

Basal Cell Carcinoma Follow-Up Study

Providing personalised information to low-risk skin cancer patients to reduce low-value follow-up visits while not reducing the patient satisfaction.

BEAT-IT study

The BEhavioral symptoms in Alzheimer’s disease, Towards early Identification and Treatment (BEAT-IT) study focuses on the assessment and management of neuropsychiatric symptoms in early Alzheimer’s disease. This four-year ZonMw project is a collaboration between the Alzheimer Centers of the Erasmus MC and the Amsterdam UMC. Our research group consists of clinicians and researchers with a background in neurology, neuropsychology, and psychiatry.

Bicuspid Aortic Valve (BAV) study

This study is a clinical and genetic study to unravel biomarker and imaging predictors of adverse outcome and to explore the pathogenetic basis of bicuspid aortic valves.