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Research group/lab

Pharmacy: Drug Innovation

About our research group/lab

Our research

Prof. dr. Teun van Gelder was head of this group up to 2019, focusing on PK/PD, drug adherence, and optimised drug therapy. Past projects include the implementation of new dosing formulas forpediatric patients, neonatal PK/PD research, and drug optimisation in Pompe disease. After the departure of prof. dr. Teun van Gelder, we attracted a new research leader - prof. dr. K. Allegaert. Prof. dr. K. Allegaert who spends most of his time at the University of Leuven (Belgium). This research area involves very close collaboration with prof. dr. Irwin Reiss, and will focus on neonatal and perinatal pharmacology.

Targets for the future

The Sophia Children's Hospital offers a unique population of patients receiving tertiary care. Several clinical drugs trials have been performed in recent years. We plan to expand our involvement in these drug trials with hospital pharmacists as co-investigators in this successful research line (in collaboration with dr. Sinno Simons and prof. Irwin Reiss). Pharmacists and clinical pharmacologists can also contribute substaintially to the rational and safe prescribing of (off-label) drugs in neonatal intensive care. We are planning trials with the 3D printing of medication, and minitablets.

Prof. dr. Karel Allegaert will be part of this research line. 

Key Publications

Our team