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Second wave; Lex Bohlmeijer talks with Marion Koopmans

July 17, 2020

It is the third time that I speak to Marion Koopmans in the past four months. She is a virologist at Erasmus University and a member of the Outbreak Management Team. She has a level-headed view of things, which combines her with a thorough understanding of scientific research.

Innocent running nose? Get tested anyway, says virologist Marion Koopmans

It seems to be going well four months after the lockdown has started: the virus is calm, the corona measures have been drastically relaxed, people are going on holiday again. But the fact that we will meet again also brings new contamination risks. How close is that dreaded second wave? Time to talk again to Marion Koopmans, virologist.

So, a pleasant conversation partner in confusing times. Someone who does not pretend to know more than she knows and at the same time patiently tries to answer all possible questions. And that in turn provides insights that can provide something to hold on to, certainly in a period in which all kinds of laymen get involved in the discussion and the messages are downright contradictory.

You listen to this Podcast or read the transcription, here. (in Dutch ) On this page you can also find the links to the first and second Podcast with Marion Koopmans.