The Simulation Centre of the Erasmus Medical Centre Rotterdam was founded in the beginning of 2008 and is located in the operation section in the Skillslab of the Desiderius School. Our Simulation Centre features interactive human and computer-based simulation. This exciting relatively new technology is at the forefront of every level of medical education and patient care. Simulation places trainees in life-like situations that provide immediate feedback about clinical decisions and actions. A sophisticated, life-size dummy which breathes, blinks, moves and talks is the centerpiece of the Medical Simulation. Our Simulation Centre is a state-of the-art multi-professional training facility and provides training for doctors and other healthcare professionals each year through
a variety of courses. The centre utilises a full-scale human patient simulators and task trainers at its disposal. Using high technology the simulators can be programmed to mimic different medical conditions. It then replicates the appropriate physical response to particular interventions and drugs. Real monitors display the ’patient‘s’ vital signs so participants can assess the patient’s progress – as they would in a real-life situation.


Training scenarios are reflected during debriefing which is facilitated by a faculty of experienced staff. The simulators provide the closest situation to the real thing without any risk to patients or learners, so that healthcare professionals can rehearse management of both routine and less common, life-threatening, events. All courses are designed and delivered by a faculty including experts in simulation and appropriate subject matter experts to ensure learning objectives are appropriate to the groups for whom courses are designed. Learning objectives are mapped to curricula or knowledge, skills frameworks where available.