Frequently Asked Questions

Where will the training take place ?
The training will take place at the SkillsLab of Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam, faculty building, 1st floor, room ee-120 (reception) ! Detailed information "Contact & Accessibility"

When will the training begin and when will it end ?
If not indicated differently, the training will begin at 8 a.m. and last until 5 p.m.
This is a long day. Will there any food be provided throughout the day.
Yes, there will be free snacks and drinks and even a lunch will be prepared. Free of charge !

What do I have to bring along ?
Internal learners will be asked to bring a green OR clothing and shoes. Beside this, it is recommendable to bring a stethoscope as well.
For external learners from other institutions than Erasmus MC, there will be OR clothing provided in the course. Please do not forget to bring comfortable shoes. It will be a long day.

How can I register for a simulation workshop ?
You can register via this website. Please do not forget to enter your BIG number for accreditation.

Is simulation training mandatory for health care providers ?
Only for anesthesia residents it is mandatory to take part in a simulation session once a year.

Are the simulation courses accredited regarding continuous medical education programs ?
Yes, they are. You well get 6 CME credits per day for most of our simulation courses. The workshops are mostly accredited by the Dutch Association of Anesthesiologists (NVA) !

How can I prepare such a simulation training ?
You can prepare and downloading and reading the literature on this website (see download center). Further course material will be provided either by mail or at the beginning of the workshop !

How can I give feedback about the course ?
You will be asked to give a verbal feedback at the end of the course. But, please, do not forget to evaluate the course electronically as well via the link

Should I be able to fly an airplane before participation in the workshop ?
Not really but it can not be harmful.