General courses

Erasmus MC Graduate School offers a set of general PhD courses that cover topics relevant to a large group of PhD students.

There are currently four courses

Biomedical English Writing and Communication
The main objective of the course in Biomedical English Writing and Communication is to provide practical guidelines for writing well-structured and fully readable biomedical articles. There are ten 150-minute sessions over consecutive weeks. All participants should have completed at least twelve months of their PhD period, should have a good spoken command of English, and should have enough data to complete an article by the time the course ends.

Biostatistics and Research Methods
A selection of courses on general statistics and methodology provide all PhD students in Erasmus MC with a solid theoretical background, both on a basic and an advanced level. For example:

  • Introduction to data analysis
  • Study design
  • Classical methods for data analysis
  • Biostatistics for clinicians

Laboratory Animal Science
This course aims to provide basic knowledge, competence and skills that are essential to the humane use of animals in experiments and to the quality of animal research. The course has been approved by the government for the qualification of scientists who use animals for experimental purposes (in compliance with the Dutch Animal Research Act).

Research Integrity
This course aims to share experiences, analyze cases, discuss ethical dilemmas and steps to possible solutions, and reflect on the ethical and institutional topics researchers are faced with. Think of issues such as: dependency of juniors on seniors researchers, cooperation in research teams, authorship, dealing with data, presenting outcomes of research, publication strategies, financial constraints or pressures, ethics in clinical studies, animal use, et cetera.

Courses in the Medical Library
Want a quick start with PubMed? Is that all there is? Get down to EndNote. The Medical Library bridges you over with several short courses for PhD students (among others).

More detailed information is available at the Erasmus MC intranet.