Monique Verstegen

Monique verstegenSenior Scientist  - Laboratory of Experimental Transplantation and Intestinal Surgery (LETIS)

Room: Na-0619

Monique Verstegen studied Biology at Utrecht University. After graduation, she started her PhD project on characterization of hematopoietic stem cells under supervision of prof. Löwenberg and dr. the department of Hematology of the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. After a successful defense of her PhD thesis in 2001, she was employed as a post doc at the same group focusing at gene therapy of hematopoietic stem cells for monogenetic diseases. In 2002 she moved to Hannover, Germany where she worked as a Marie Curie Fellow, funded by the European Committee on optimizing lentivirus-mediated gene transfer for monogenetic diseases in the lab of prof. Baum. After return to the Netherlands, she continued her project within the department of Hematology and was also involved in setting up the Parelsnoer project for Leukemia. At the department of Pediatrics, Erasmus MC, she worked on the genetics of pediatric leukemia under supervision of dr. Meijerink. In 2013 she became researcher at the department of Surgery, Erasmus MC where she is currently appointed. She is involved in several projects in the area of liver transplantation in the laboratory of experimental transplantation and intestinal surgery (LETIS), headed by dr. van der Laan, including supervision of PhD students and master students focusing on the development of liver scaffolds for tissue and organ engineering, mechanisms in regeneration of biliary epithelium after injury and primary liver cancer using the liver-organoid culture system


Selected references

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