Jun Hou


Jun Hou
Room NC-1019

Professional Experience

Jun Hou studied Clinical Medicine at the University of Lanzhou, China (1995 - 2002). In 2002, she started her master program of Bioinformatics at Wageningen University, the Netherlands. During this period she conducted a research project to study TFBS in promoter regions using bioinformatics at Leiden University MC, the Netherlands. Afterwards she started her PhD training at the Department of Cell Biology at the Erasmus MC, the Netherlands. In 2010, she defended her PhD thesis entitled "Gene expression profiling of early stage non-small cell lung cancer", and continued her research at the same department as a scientific researcher. In 2012, she moved to the Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology at the Erasmus MC to study chronic viral hepatitis by employing systems biology approaches. Her projects are parts of the Virgo consortium funded by the Dutch government and by the Netherlands Genomics Initiative (NGI) (www.virgo.nl ),which consists of 26 partners, of which 10 are private companies. 


Her current research and long-term interest focus on:

1) identifying novel molecular markers to predict disease progression and response to antiviral therapy of individual patients chronically infected with HBV and HCV using Affymetrix arrays, RNA-seq, and systems biology approaches; 

2) using NGS to dissect transcriptomes of immune cells, including monocytes, NK cells, and T cells in blood of chronic HBV, HCV and HIV patients, and their regulatory mechanisms modulated by therapeutic treatment; 

3) establishing an interactive network between blood transcriptomes of different immune components with NGS data to understand how immune system response cooperatively to HBV, HCV infection; 

4) developing analytic pipelines for novel research methodologies, for example RNA-sequencing of core needle biopsies, fine needle aspirate biopsies, archived FFPE tissues, and integrating multiplexing protein profiles with transcriptomics, etc. 


Selected references

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