Immunology of Viral Hepatitis

The research lines of dr. Andrea Woltman focus on the immune response towards hepatitis B virus (HBV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV). The research has a strong translational character and aims to provide basic and applied knowledge to improve current anti-viral therapies and to develop novel therapeutic strategies to combat chronic viral hepatitis. The research of Andrea Woltman is focused on (a) virus-host interactions, especially dendritic cells, to understand the immunological mechanisms determining the quality of the viral immune response and (b) the development of novel immune modulatory therapies. The projects are supported by an excellent team of research technicians covering multiple techniques and expertises, and are performed in collaboration with numerous internationally acknowledged research groups. Clinical expertise is provided by prof.dr. Harry Janssen and dr. Rob de Knegt, both experts in the field of viral hepatitis.

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