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  • Lab teams being prepared for Ebola

    Erasmus MC’s department of Viroscience has started training special teams of laboratory staff as of mid December. The teams will go to Sierra Leone and Liberia to help combat the Ebola epidemic.

    Date published: 29 December 2014

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  • New stroke treatment prevents disability

    The majority of patients with severe stroke recover better and faster if the blocked blood vessel is re-opened quickly using a small stent to capture the clot and pull it out of the brain through a catheter.

    Date published: 18 December 2014

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  • Memory loss could be stroke warning sign

    Highly educated people with memory loss could be at greater risk of a stroke than less well-educated people with memory complaints. The memory loss can be a clear sign of a stroke in their case.

    Date published: 15 December 2014

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  • Local chemotherapy in fat globules

    Rotterdam and American researchers are working on an experimental chemotherapy treatment in which drug-filled fat globules are delivered to the tumor. The chemo will only work there.

    Date published: 12 December 2014

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  • Erasmus MC ranked highly in the US

    Erasmus MC is ranked 19th in the Global Ranking of Best Universities for Clinical Medicine 2015. The high score is mainly a result of the scientific output.

    Date published: 11 December 2014

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  • Patient with suspected Ebola

    A patient with suspected Ebola was admitted to Erasmus MC at around 5:00 pm on Tuesday 9 December.

    Date published: 9 December 2014

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  • Molecular Medicine MSc student wins prize

    A student of Erasmus MC’s Master’s program in Molecular Medicine has been awarded the Pfizer Prize for Life Sciences. Nuo Yu received the prize on Friday 28 November at the The Royal Dutch Society of Sciences and Humanities.

    Date published: 8 December 2014

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  • Remains of King Richard III identified

    An international team of researchers have identified the remains thought to be those of England’s King Richard III.

    Date published: 3 December 2014

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  • Avian flu virus found in wild birds

    The avian flu virus strain H5N8 was found in two feces samples of ducks.

    Date published: 1 December 2014

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  • Ultrasound propels ‘repair cells’ to the heart

    Researchers from Erasmus MC have found a way to send stem cells directly to the heart through the bloodstream. These cells repair the damage caused by a heart attack.

    Date published: 24 November 2014

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  • Organ trafficking study results to be presented

    The results of the organ trafficking study HOTT wil be presented at a symposium on trafficking in human beings for the purpose of organ removal in The Hague at Friday 21 November 2014.

    Date published: 17 November 2014

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  • Rotterdam and Erasmus MC highlight World Prematurity Day

    World Prematurity Day will be observed on 17 November 2014. The municipality of Rotterdam and Erasmus MC will both highlight this Day to create awareness for treatment and research on premature babies.

    Date published: 13 November 2014

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  • Erasmus MC designated Ebola UMC

    Erasmus MC has been designated as one of the three university hospitals in the Netherlands to deliver the highly complex care needs of Ebola patients.

    Date published: 7 November 2014

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