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Test predicts pregnancy chances after IVF

Erasmus MC researchers have found a way of predicting a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant after IVF treatment.

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By measuring certain bacteria in the urine or the vagina it can be predicted, with a certainty of 96%, whether IVF treatment will be successful within a year. This discovery means that women will in future no longer unnecessarily have to undergo IVF treatment and it can save millions of euros.

The success rate for an IVF cycle is about 30%. Until now, it was unclear why 7 out of 10 women did not become pregnant after IVF treatment. Researchers at Erasmus MC discovered by chance that the presence of certain bacteria in the urinary tract and vagina play a major role.

Research leader Dik Kok of Erasmus MC's department of Urology: “IVF treatment is extremely distressing. This test could spare women and their partners a great deal of stress. In addition, the test can result in saving millions of euros spent on unnecessary healthcare costs per year. In the Netherlands, the first three IVF cycles are reimbursed by basic healthcare coverage. If you know in advance for which women IVF treatment would be pointless, they would not have to undergo unnecessary IVF treatment.” 

Read the full press release.

Date published: 16 June 2014.

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