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Research Masters

Research Master Student Transcatheter Valve Program

The Transcatheter Valve Program is part of the department of Interventional Cardiology in the Erasmus Medical Center. This multi-disciplinary program focuses on academic research, innovation and patient care.

In the last couple of years master students have actively participated in this program and contributed to both research and patient care resulting in numerous scientific publications, presentations on national and international meetings and potential basis to a PhD project.

The Transcatheter Valve Program is looking for New Dynamic and ambitious Master Students to manage our vast prospective database and contribute to the academic research under
supervision of Professor Peter de Jaegere.

Research Master Student Translational Electrophysiology

Electrophysiology is the science of diagnosing and treating cardiac dysrhythmias. The unit translational electrophysiology is an innovative and rapidly evolving sub speciality within the department of Cardiology. Its goal is to apply basic electrophysiology in daily clinical practice. The unit closely cooperates with the department of cardiothoracic surgery.

Aim of the Research Master: Clinical Training
The aim of the Research Master Translational Electrophysiology is to train students in both basic research and clinical electrophysiology. To gain insight into the clinical relevance of basic electrophysiology, students will start with a clinical training. They will become acquainted with the different diagnostic tools and therapies of cardiac arrhythmias. They will be trained in interpreting electrocardiograms, performing electrophysiology studies in the cathlab and analysing Holter recordings. Also, they will be taught how to perform electrical cardioversion, record standard ECGS and signal averaged ECGs. In addition, they will attend the cardiac arrest outpatient clinic, pacemaker/ICD implantations and catheter ablation procedures.

Aim of the Research Master : Research training
With the acquired knowledge during the clinical part of this research master, the student can choose a topic from a variety of research projects and the student will have the opportunity to design his/her own research project. After writing a research proposal, the project can be executed. The student will be trained in the different research tools, including signal analysis and cardiac mapping. Also, they will be guided in writing a scientific paper. The research group organizes a monthly meeting were scientific work from the students will be presented and discussed. The research master translational electrophysiology offers an excellent opportunity for those who desire a career in cardiology under
supervision of Dr. Natasja de Groot.

Interested in one of these vacancies?
Please call Professor H. Boersma 010- 70 32307  h. boersma@erasmusmc.nl

or Dr. Adrie Verhoeven 010-70 31264   a.verhoeven@erasmusmc.nl