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Participating departments

List of Erasmus MC departments participating in COEUR

Anesthesiology and Vascular Surgery
Cardiothoracic Surgery
Intensive Care Medicine
Internal Medicine, Pharmacology,Vascular and Metabolic Diseases
and Division of Nephrology
Neurology (Vascular Neurology)
Pediatric Cardiology
Radiology (Including Biomedical Imaging and Informatics)
Surgery (Vascular Surgery)

Executive Board
Professor Felix Zijlstra, Cardiology (Chairman)
Professor Eric Boersma, Cardiology (Scientific Director)
Professor Aad van der Lugt (boardmember)
Dr Adrie JM Verhoeven (Secretary)
Dr Shirley Uitte de Willige (Advisor Cardiovascular Education)

Board representatives
•  Professor Felix Zijlstra, Cardiology (Chairman)
•  Professor Eric Boersma Cardiology (Scientific Director)
•  Professor Diederik AMPJ Gommers, Intensive Care
•  Professor Ad JJC Bogers, Cardiothoracic Surgery
•  Professor AH Jan Danser, Internal Medicine
•  Professor EJG Sijbrands, Internal Medicine
•  Professor Wim A Helbing, Pediatric Cardiology
•  Professor Diederik Dippel, Neurology
•  Professor Aad van der Lugt, Radiology
•  Professor Wiro J Niessen, Biomedical Imaging
•  Professor Frank WG Leebeek, Hematology
•  Professor Robert Jan Stolker, Anesthesiology
•  Professor Hence JM Verhagen, Vascular Surgery