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About us

Introduction of COEUR

In the year 2009, COEUR was re-accreditated by the Royal Netherlands Society of Arts and Sciences, for another six year period. The accreditation committee (ECOS) assessed our achievements again in 2014 following the external review as presented in the report of 2014. The Scientific output in 2016 remained very high with 747 articles registered in Pubmed. A large part of this “output” was the result of close collaboration between the different departments, and also with others.

Ultimo 2016, our School was host to a record of 200 PhD candidates. Overall, time from PhD initiation until thesis completion and defence continued to be in the order of four years, although large variation exists between individual projects.
Of the current 31 scientific projectgroups, 16 can be classified to represent "basic" research. Among the 200 PhD students, 68 investigate pathophysiologic or etiologic disease processess or other basic forms of cardiovascular research.