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Grants and Awards 2017

Therapeutic Ultrasound Contrast Agent Group

Dr. Tom van Rooij was awarded the Thudichum Award from the Phospholipid Research Center, Germany, during the Phospholipids in Pharmaceutical Research Symposium. The award (€ 5,000) is given biannually to a talented scientist in appreciation of outstanding publication(s) with emphasis on recent significant contributions resulting from highly innovative research on phospholipids.

Inés Beekers and Kirby Lattwein received student transportation subsidies from the Acoustical Society of America to attend and present at the joined Acoustical Society of America and European Acoustics Association meeting in Boston, USA.

Kirby Lattwein was awarded the 2nd best oral presentation prize at the Dutch Biomedical Engineering Conference, Egmond aan Zee, and the Winter School on Therapeutic Ultrasound, Les Houches, France.