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Educational Activities outside COEUR

Erasmus MC Graduate School
The Erasmus MC Garduate School offers a set of general PhD courses that cover topics relevant to a large group of PhD students.

There are currently four courses:
- Biomedical English Writing and Communication
- Biostatistics and Research Methods
- Laboratory Animal Science
- Scientific Integrity (obligatory)

For more information on these courses see:

Also see the list of all Erasmus MC educational programs and courses:

Erasmus MC Mol Med
The Erasmus Postgraduate school Molecular Medicine (Mol Med) is one of the fourteen postgraduate schools in the area of biomedical science in the Netherlands. Its mission is the stimulation of clinically oriented molecular biomedical research. Its core business is translational research. Mol Med also organizes courses for PhD students.

For more infomation about Mol Med courses: www.molmed.nl

Erasmus MC NIHES
Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences (NIHES) aimes to further improve scientific research on determinants of diseases and health, the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare and services, and the theory and methods of health sciences.

For more infomation about NIHES courses: https://www.nihes.com

Dutch Heart Foundation
Each year, the Dutch Heart Foundation organizes a series of PhD training courses to bring young scientists in close contact with the latest scientific developments in the cardiovascular field.

The courses are entitled:
- Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis
- Cardiac Function and Adaptation
- Vascular Biology

For more information: https://www.hartstichting.nl/wetenschappers/phd-training-courses

We advise all COEUR PhD students to follow at least one of these courses during their PhD studies. If you plan to follow one of these courses, please let us know via coeur@erasmusmc.nl. COEUR will pay half of the course fee (€450).