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Research Projects

There are 31 research projects embedded in COEUR.

The 31 research projects are divided into three major themes:

I       Vascular Medicine
II      Acute Cardiovascular Syndromes
III     Chronic Cardiac Disease

Project number 1 Cardiac (mal) adaptation to stress and damage

Project number 2 Experimental interventional cardiology, vascular injury and repair

Project number 3 The circulation, ventilation an ethics during multiple organ failure

Project number 4 Shear-stress related plaque formation: from bench to bedside to population studies

Project number 5  Biomechanics of the vascular wall

Project number 6 Genetic regulation of vasculogenesis ad angiogenesis

Project number 7 Perioperative care

Project number 8 Hypertension, the kidney and vascular ageing: focus on the renin-angiotensin-alderostone system

Project number 9 Pharmacology of migraine

Project number 10 Translational Electrophysiology

Project number 11 Percutaneous Interventions in Structural Heart Disease

Project number 12 Cardiovascular genetics and metabolic diseases

Project number 13 Stroke: risk factors and etiology, prognosis and treatment

Project number 14 Management of hemorrhagic and thrombotic disorders

Project number 15 Role of hemostasis in arterial thrombosis

Project number 16 Ultrasound Contrast Agents

Project number 17 Echocardiography: Transducers and image processing

Project number 18 Intravascular ultrasound techniques

Project number 19 Intravascular imaging and interventional cardiology

Project number 20 Cardiac Imaging (MRi and CT)

Project number 21 Cardiac imaging (ultrasound)

Project number 22 Neurovascular imaging (MRI and CT)

Project number 23 Image processing (Cardiovascular)

Project number 24 Molecular biology of aneurysm formation

Project number 25 Endovascular Management of Aortic Aneurysms

Project number 26 Improvement in patient selection for defibrillator therapy

Project number 27 Surgical aspects  and clinical decision making in cardio-thoracic (including pulmonary) interventions

Project number 28 Surgery for congenital heart disease

Project number 29 Determinants of outcome of pediatric (congenital) heart disease

Project number 30 Adult congenital heart disease

Project number 31 Clinical epidemiology of cardiovascular diseases