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COEUR PhD Committee

The COEUR PhD committee is a committee by PhD students for PhD students. We represent the interest of all PhD students within the COEUR research school and we organize different activities to stimulate networking, learn the ‘all-important’ research skills, explore your future career, etc, etc.

What do we do?
On a yearly base, we organize the COEUR day which is always centralized around a specific theme. This is a day where we bring both staff and PhD students together to stimulate making new connections and possible co-operations between departments within the COEUR research school.  The afternoon program is specifically focussed on PhD students. This program consists of different workshops for hands-on learning of research skills and speed-presentations to get an insight in the work that is done at the different departments.

Furthermore, starting from early 2016, we will organize half-annual exCOEURsions to different companies, government departments or high-ranking research labs to see what is going on outside our research school. This helps you to get an insight in what work looks like at other research institutions and in a non-academic setting, but also to see what you can do after your PhD. Keep an eye on your mailbox to see when the next excursion will be organized and sign up quickly because spaces will be limited!

Next to all these activities, we also form a point of contact for all the PhDs of COEUR. For questions on doing a PhD in general, the different courses, organizing all the paper work, what to do when you encounter problems with for examples supervisors, etc., you can always contact us and we will make sure we refer you to the right person for help. Of course you are also very welcome to talk to us when you have any suggestions for improving the courses, research seminars and other activities we organize. As a PhD committee we join the official staff-meetings of the COEUR research school and of the general Erasmus PhD committee so remarks or suggestions will directly be put on the agenda. By working together we can bring the research school to a higher plan!

How to contact us?
Listed below are the current members of the COEUR committee. You can always contact us on our personal mail (coeurstudents@erasmusmc.nl).

Current members of the PhD committee:
Laurie Geenen (Cardiology)
Maurice Swinkels (Hematology)
Kirby Lattwein (Biomedical Engineering)
Jarno Steenhorst (Experimental Cardiology)
Fay Nous (Radiology & Nuclear Medicine)