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Farzin Fakhry

F. Fakhry

Brief CV
Farzin Fakhry started his Medical studies in 2005 at Erasmus University. In the second year of his medical school, he was selected and joined the Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences (Nihes) Master programme in Clinical Epidemiology.

Since 2008 Farzin is also attending law school at the Erasmus University. After finalizing his graduation thesis at the department of Epidemiology and Radiology, Farzin decided to start his PhD dissertation at the same department in March 2010. His research focuses on different treatment strategies for patients with Intermittent Claudication and is being supervised by Sandra Spronk, PhD and M.G. Myriam Hunink, MD, PhD.

e-mail adress: f.fakhry@erasmusmc.nl

2010-Present PhD-student, Depts. Epidemiology and Radiology, Erasmus University Rotterdam
2008-2010     School of Law, Erasmus University Rotterdam
2007-2010     Master of Science in Clinical Epidemiology, NIHES
2005-2010     Medical training, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Farzin’s research focuses on treatment strategies for patients with peripheral arterial disease. In his graduation thesis Farzin is evaluating the effectiveness of structured home-based exercise program for patients with Intermittent Claudication.

Farzin is currently involved in the following projects:

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