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Cecile Janssens

Cecile Janssens is Research Professor of Epidemiology at Emory, Rollins School of Public Health, Atlanta, America.

Website Cecile Janssens, Emory, Atlanta, America

C. JanssensCecile Janssens has an MA in psychology, an MSc in epidemiology and obtained her PhD in 2003. She works in clinical and public health genomics, with a primary focus on assessing the predictive value and potential utility of genomic profiling in the prevention and treatment of complex diseases. Her interests include the evaluation of the validity, utility and public health impact of genetic testing, lay perceptions of genetics and genomics, ethical, legal and societal issues, and genetic epidemiology. Cecile Janssens is awarded a Young Investigators fellowship by the Erasmus University Medical Center and a personal Innovative Research Grant by the Dutch Research Council.

Cecile chairs the Dutch Association for Community Genetics and Public Health Genomics, is a board member of the Dutch Society of Human Genetics and participates in several (inter)national networks, including the Center for Medical Systems Biology (CMSB), the European Special Populations Research Network (Eurospan), the European Network of Genomic and Genetic Epidemiology (ENGAGE), the societal issues committee of the International Genetic Epidemiology Society (IGES). She is a member of the editorial board of Medical Decision Making, Public Health Genomics and the new Journal of Community Genetics. Starting from 2008, she coordinates a master of science programme in clinical and public health genomics in the Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences (Nihes).

Her research concerns the translation of genomics research to applications in clinical practice and public health. The focus of her work is on the prediction of complex diseases by genomic profiling and on the evaluation of the usefulness of genetic testing, and includes a series of modeling studies that investigate the role of various aspects of genes and disorders (e,g., genotype frequency, heritability, disease prevalence) on the predictive value of genomic profiling, as well as analyses of empirical genetic epidemiological studies, including several association studies on metabolic disease and depression. In addition to studies on the genetic prediction of complex diseases, she is also interested and working on psychological, behavioral and ethical aspects of genetic testing, which is relevant for the implementation of genetic tests in the future.

PhD students:
Raluca Mihaescu
Suman Kundu
Eline Bunnik
Rachel Kalf

MSc students:
Adriana Iglesias

Cecile is currently involved in the following projects:

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