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Bob van Kempen

Currently Bob van Kempen is working as a Cardiology Resident of the 'Maasstad' hospital.

January 26,  2016 - Bob van Kempen defended his PHD thesis succesfully.
Bob  van Kempen thesis

September 2011 - Bob van Kempen received the NIHES Master of Science Award 2011 for the best Master's thesis written in his year during the graduation ceremony in 'de Doelen' in Rotterdam.

Bob van Kempen PhD

October 2010
- Bob van Kempen received one of the three travel grants from the Dutch Royal Academy of Sciences (KNAW) for his PhD project on primary prevention of cardiovascular disease, during the official ceremony in the Arminius Church in Rotterdam.

January 2009 - Bob van Kempen received the KNAW-fellowship 2009 for his project on the cost-effectiveness of screening and prevention of coronary heart disease in an elderly population by Computed Tomography Calcium Scoring. see: KNAW.

Bob van KempenBrief CV
Bob van Kempen, MSc, started his academic career at the faculty of Business and Economics at Tilburg University where he studied both Economics and Econometrics & Operations Research. In his final year of Econometrics he wrote a thesis on Longitudinal Models in Epidemiology. In 2006 he started his Medical Studies at Erasmus MC University and joined the NIHES Master programme in Clinical Epidemiology in 2008. Currently he is a PhD student under the supervision of professor Myriam Hunink.

2008    NIHES Master in Clinical Epidemiology
2006    Medical Studies Erasmus MC University Rotterdam
2005    BSc Econometrics and Operations Research, Tilburg University
2003    Economics and Information Management propedeuse, Tilburg University

Bob is interested in Simulation Models in Decision Analysis with a focus on Cost-Effectiveness and Methodology. Currently he is studying the impact of multiple strategies in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, using Monte Carlo simulation.

Current projects: 

  • Modeling treatment effectiveness in cardiovascular disease models;
  • Optimal management for asymptomatic individuals at intermediate risk of coronary heart disease; intensify or not?
  • Predicting individualized outcomes for coronary artery disease prevention to support shared decision making (co-project with Bart Ferket)

Bob is currently involved in the following projects:

van Kempen BJH
, Ferket S, Hofman A, Steyerberg S, Hunink MGM.
Do different methods of modeling statin effectiveness influence the optimal decision?
Presentation at the Society for Medical Decision Making; October 2010.  

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