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Andrea Ganna


Andrea GannaBrief CV
Andrea holds a degree in Statistics and a Master in Biostatistics from University of Milano-Bicocca, Milano, Italy. During the 2-years master he worked as biostatistician at the University of Insubria, Varese, Italy where he got interested in cardiovascular epidemiology and risk prediction. He came at Karolinska Institutet to write his master thesis and since March 2011 is a PhD student in Erik Ingelsson's group. From February 2012 he spent 3 months in Erasmus MC collaborating with Cecile Janssens on a project investigating new methods for risk prediction.

E-mail address: andrea.ganna@ki.se


A large number of new risk factors for cardiovascular diseases have been discovered in the last years and new -omics technologies will reveal more of them. It is important to understand which of these risk factors (markers) might have a utility in clinical practice. In my PhD thesis I explore the predictive ability of recently discovered risk factors. Specifically, I study the additive value of metabolomics and genetic markers for preventing cardiovascular diseases. The evaluation of the clinical utility of newly discovered markers is not straightforward. Several measures have been proposed, but most of the current methods did not include information regarding treatment effect or the impact on a population level. Moreover, it is not clear how these measures can be applied in sampling study design such as case-cohort and nested case-control design. These topics are also part of my thesis. I¹m also interested in how the large amount of results generated by GWAS studies are related to each other and how they can be summarized and used for different phenotypes.