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Rinske Gotink

Rinske Gotink started her study in Health Sciences at Maastricht University in 2007.

Rinske Gotink afbeeldingRinske Gotink started her study in Health Sciences at Maastricht University in 2007. Choosing the clinical psychology direction, she graduated as Master of Mental Health in 2011. After working one year as a psychologist, she started her PhD dissertation in 2013 at the Erasmus MC, departments of epidemiology, radiology and psychiatry (section medical psychology), under the supervision of Prof.dr. MGM Hunink and Prof.dr. AEM Speckens. She also enrolled in the Netherlands Institute for Health Sciences (Nihes) Master programme and obtained her second master's degree in Clinical Epidemiology in 2015.

Her research focuses on the application and neuronal working mechanism of the psychological 8-week intervention Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.



November 2, 2016 Rinske Gotink defended her thesis ‘Mindfulness: Why the Brain Matters to the Heart’ successfully.

Rinske Gotink thesis


2013-Present PhD-student, Depts. Epidemiology, Radiology, Psychiatry Erasmus University Rotterdam
2013-2015     Master of Science in Clinical Epidemiology, NIHES 
2007-2011     Bachelor + Master of Science in Mental Health, Maastricht University

Rinske’s research focuses on two standardized mindfulness protocols (MBSR and MBCT) in chronic and in preventive care. In her graduation thesis Rinske is evaluating the effectiveness of stress reduction in cardiovascular patients, and neuronal working mechanism in healthy participants of the Rotterdam Study.