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Britt Blokker

Britt M. Blokker started medical school because she was curious about pathology.

Britt BlokkerBritt M. Blokker started medical school because she was curious about pathology. Her interest in research was aroused during her research project in medical school. In 2011 she became a resident at the department of Pathology at the Erasmus University Medical Center, where she was able to combine her training as a medical specialist with a PhD research project. She hopes to defend her PhD thesis in 2016 and be a pathologist in 2019.

Email address: b.blokker@erasmusmc.nl



Medical student, Erasmus University Medical Center


Short trainee-ship, Madison, Wisconsin, USA


Medical research, Western Australia (rural hospitals)

2011 - present

resident department of pathology, Erasmus University Medical Center

2012 - present

PhD-student departments of pathology and radiology, Erasmus  University Medical Center

Current Research Project:
Minimally Invasive Autopsy
The Minimally Invasive Autopsy we developed consists of a post-mortem MR from head to upper legs, a CT scan from head to toe, a CT-angiogram of the coronary arteries (only if indicated), post-mortem tissue sampling by CT-guided needle-biopsies, stereotactic brain biopsies (if permitted), and histologic examination of the tissue biopsies.
We are examining the performance of the Minimally Invasive Autopsy in a validation study among in- hospital deceased adult patients, therefore we included a hundred cases. 
If the Minimally Invasive Autopsy proves to be accurate in adults, it may be implemented in clinical care. If bereaved relatives do not give consent for conventional clinical autopsy, this method could be offered as an alternative. We expect more consents to be gained for Minimally Invasive Autopsy than for conventional autopsy. This way, more post-mortem investigations will be performed to improve health care quality control. Also, a similar method might be developed for infants and children.

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