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Marianne van der Heijden

Marianne van der Heijden's research focuses on the effects of music interventions, integrative medicine and the implementation of complementary therapies in hospitals.

MarianneMarianne van der Heijden studied Medical Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam, specializing in integrative medicine; international development and change management; indigenous knowledge systems and patient and practitioner experience.
After graduating in 2010 she worked as a researcher health innovation at Trimbos Institute, Utrecht and as a consultant integrative medicine for Maxima Medical Center, Veldhoven and Atrium MC Parkstad, Heerlen. Furthermore Marianne has worked as a freelance writer for the journal Global Advances in Health and Medicine (Portland, OR, USA) and the College of Medicine innovations network (London, UK).
She is a member of several health innovation networks including the Dutch think tank on Integrative Medicine. She has worked in Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, England, the USA and South Africa.

2012 - present PhD-fellow, Departments of Pediatrics and Clinical Epidemiology
2008 - 2010 MSc Medical Anthropology, University of Amsterdam
2004 - 2008 BSc Cultural Anthropology and Sociology, University of Amsterdam

Marianne is a PhD-fellow in the multidisciplinary research group Music As Medicine under supervision of prof M.G.M Hunink; prof J. Jeekel and dr. M. van Dijk. Her clinical research focuses on the effects of music interventions in children undergoing painful procedures. She has just completed a randomized controlled trial on music therapy in children with burns at Red Cross War Memorial Children's Hospital, Cape Town, South Africa.

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