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Rehana Rahman

RahmanAuthor: R.N. (Rehana) Rahman, MSc

PhD project: The Emergency Department (ED) pharmacist for acute medication related problems

Promotors: Prof. Dr. P.M.L.A. van den Bemt

Medication related harm can lead to a substantial number of acute hospital admissions in The Netherlands. An important risk factor is polypharmacy, and associated under- and overtreatment with medication. Medication reviews by an emergency department (ED) pharmacist in patients visiting the ED due to a medication related problem can help improve under- and overtreatment. Thereby the ED-pharmacist will contribute to recognize adverse drug events (ADEs) at the ED and take care of communication of the ADE to other healthcare providers both in- and outside the hospital. Furthermore the ED pharmacist will involve the patient in assessing and preventing the ADEs and counsel on the reasons for adding medication and stopping medication.