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Laura Peeters

PeetersAuthor: L.E.J. (Laura) Peeters, MSc

PhD project:
RHYME-RCT - Resistant Hypertension: Measure to reach targets

Prof. dr. T. van Gelder

Co-promotor: dr. J. Versmissen; dr. B.C.P. Koch

Resistant hypertension is a common health issue leading to high costs and suboptimal cardiovascular prevention. Non-adherence is one of the most common reasons, but proving non-adherence and, more importantly, improving adherence are challenging. To determine adherence we developed a method to measure drug levels of the most commonly used antihypertensive drugs with a dried blood spot (DBS) obtained by a finger prick. To increase adherence in patient with resistant hypertension we combined personalized feedback on these drug levels with supported problem solving. Main outcome after 12 months of follow-up is the decrease in 24h ambulatory blood pressure measurement.