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Janique Jessurun

JessurunAuthor: J.G. Jessurun MSc

PhD project: Effects of centralizing medication distribution on medication safety in hospitals

Promotors: Prof. dr. P.M.L.A. van den Bemt
Prof. dr. M. van Dijk

Co-promotor: Dr. N.G.M. Hunfeld

Medication errors occur frequently in hospital settings. Medication errors can lead to adverse events, (prolonged) hospitalization, death and thus increased healthcare costs.

This research will focus on the effects of centralizing medication supply in hospital pharmacy. The studies will focus on two strategies of centralization: 1. preparation of parenteral medication by pharmacy technicians, 2. dispensing medication using an automated dispensing system with barcode technology.

The studies will estimate the effects on medication (administration) errors and patient safety, and will look into efficiency measures and their effect on safety.