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Louise Andrews

AndrewsAuthor: L.M. (Louise) Andrews, MSc

PhD project: Avoiding tacrolimus under- and overexposure by developing dosing algorithms for adult and pediatric renal transplant recipients

Promotors: Prof. dr.T. van Gelder
Co-promotoren: B. de Winter en Dr. D. Hesseling

Multiple factors affect tacrolimus pharmacokinetics, yet in clinical practice only bodyweight is taken into consideration to determine the starting dose. By combining demographic, clinical, and genetic information, the aim of this study is to develop a predictive dosing algorithm for the tacrolimus starting dose and subsequent doses, in individual pediatric and adult renal transplant recipients. This dosing algorithm will allow for better targeting the dose to reach the therapeutic window more quickly, with the ultimate aim of improving efficacy and limiting toxicity. The developed dosing algorithms will then be prospectively tested in a clinical trial.