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R.W.F. (Roelof)van Leeuwen

van LeeuwenPosition: Ziekenhuisapotheker oncologie

Main activities: At this moment Roelof is supervising (PhD)-students, he is a lecturer at several (university) teaching programs, reviews papers for several journals and is a member of the “Dutch Drug Interactions Committee”, a national  expert group advising clinicians on the management of drug interactions in oncology. Roelof is a former winner of the “Thesis of the year award” 2017 (NVZA) and the “Best article award” 2018 (NVKFB).

Focus of research:
Roelof van Leeuwen studied pharmaceutical sciences at the Utrecht University for which he received his PharmD degree in 2004. Subsequently, he became a Hospital Pharmacist after internships in the Zaans Medical Center and VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam. In 2012 he started in Erasmus University Medical Center as a Hospital Pharmacist and PhD student with a special focus on oncology. In 2016 he defended his thesis “Drug-drug Interactions in patients treated with anti-cancer agents”.

Since 2016, he is a post-doctoral fellow at the laboratory of translational pharmacology at the department of Medical Oncology. His main research is focused on drug-drug and food-drug interaction studies in oncology. Moreover, there is a special focus and interest on targeted agents like Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors (TKIs). Incorporating the management of drug-drug interactions in clinical practice and bringing drug interactions studies to the next level are the main challenges for the coming years. In close collaboration with other colleagues Roelof published several peer reviewed paper in clinical journals like Lancet Oncology, Annals of Oncology and the Journal of Clinical Oncology. 

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