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B.C.P. (Birgit) Koch

KochPosition: Associate professor

Main activities: Meco backoffice, ziekenhuisapotheker laboratorium, opleider klinische farmacologie, voorzitter VENA

Focus of research:
The focus of my research is on PK/PD, therapeutic drug monitoring and toxicology in special   patient populations. By means of a pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic (PK/PD) model the relationship between dosage of drugs, blood concentration and the effect of the drug is established, resulting in individualized dosing regimens. Special populations for whom this technique may have added benefit are neonates, children and palliative patients. The PK/PD models are built with ((non) compartmental non-linear mixed models, such as NONMEM, WINONLIN).  In addition, toxicology of drugs of abuse and ethanol in pregnant  women and neonates is under investigation, using sophisticated matrices such as meconium, or using novel markers such as PETh. 

PhD students

  • Linda Franken
  • Femke de Velde
  • Rixt Wijma       
  • Sanne Kloosterboer   

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