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Anton Koning

Name: Dr. Anton Koning
Department: Bioinformatics
E-mail:  a.koning@erasmusmc.nl
Phone: +31-(0)10-70 38129
Project Title: Visualization and Virtual Reality

General description of research:
Development of immersive volume rendering software (V-Scope) in collaboration with Erasmus MC scientist and clinicians and aiding them in the exploration, interpretation and quantification of volume datasets from three dimensional imaging modalities such as CT, MRI, 3D ultrasound and OPT.
The department of Bioinformatics operates a Barco I-Space, which is a 4-walled CAVEtm-like virtual reality system. The I-Space uses passive stereo images projected on three walls and the floor of a small 'room' to immerse viewers in a virtual world. The V-Scope volume rendering software is available to create interactive 'holograms' of a variety of volumetric imaging modalities, such as CT, MRI, 3D ultrasound, confocal microscopy and OPT. The last modality is available at the department in the form of the  Bioptonics OPT 3001 scanner, which allows whole mount imaging of small (1 - 15 mm) specimens. It supports the visualization of unstained anatomy, colored stains and fluorescent labels, with a resolution close to the cellular level (4 - 10 um).

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Imaging methods available in the department:
I-Space (Barco)
OPT 3001 (Bioptonics)

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