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  Janneke Samsom
Janneke N. Samsom (PI)
Janneke performed her PhD research on host defense to Listeria monocytogenes infections in Leiden with Ralph van Furth. After a brief postdoc on respiratory viruses at the institute for  Livestock research in Lelystad she joined the lab of Georg Kraal at the VU Medical Center where she identified mechanisms of regulatory T cell induction that drive nasal and oral tolerance to harmless antigens and started her own research group. In 2005 she moved to Rotterdam to combine her fundamental mucosal tolerance research with translational research of the pathogenesis of celiac disease and inflammatory bowel disease, disorders caused by loss of mucosal tolerance to harmless food and bacterial antigens respectively. In 2013 she became head of the entire laboratory of Pediatrics. 
Sharon Veenbergen
Sharon Veenbergen (postdoc)
Sharon received her Master's degree from the VU University in Amsterdam in 2005 after which she performed her PhD research in the Rheumatology Department at the Radboud UMC, Nijmegen in the lab of Prof. dr. Wim van den Berg. Her thesis work focused on the ability of naturally occurring cytokine inhibitors to control arthritis. Sharon came to the lab in 2011 to study cytokines and mechanisms of immune regulation in the intestine. She received an EUR Fellowship, KNAW Ter Meulen Fund grant, and an ECCO-IOIBD fellowship to investigate the IL-10-driven control of inflammatory T cell responses and the interleukin-1 pathway as a putative new target in pediatric inflammatory bowel disease. As part of her research, she worked in the laboratories of dr. Warren Leonard and dr. Brian Kelsall at the National Institutes of Health, USA, who are renowned for their work on cytokine signaling and mucosal immunology.


Lea Costes 

Léa Costes (postdoc)

Léa received her Master's with honors from the Poitiers University of Science in France in 2009 and moved to the Tytgat Institute for liver and Intestinal research in Amsterdam where she performed  4 years of PhD research on neuromodulation of intestinal inflammation. Léa came to the lab in 2013 to study how tolerance to gluten is maintained. In 2015 she received a research fellowship from the Sophia Research Foundation to perform research in the laboratory of Bana Jabri at the University of Chicago to study the role of IL-10 signaling in dendritic cells in multiple murine models of gluten intolerance.


Linda Joosse 

Linda M. E. Joosse (MD, PhD student)

Linda received her Dutch medical degree in 2013 with distinction "cum laude" and since 2015 she is registered as a ECFMG/USMLE certified physician in the U.S.A. In parallel to her medical studies, she performed a research master Infection and Immunity for which she also received a "cum laude" degree. In 2014 she joined the lab as a PhD to characterize microbiota-specific T-cell responses in IBD and conduct a research project on the pathogenesis of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis occurring in combination with IBD (PSC-IBD), for which she Molecular Medicine Post Graduate school research grant. Linda was awarded the Erasmus University Prof. Bruins prize, for research master students with an excellent academic record and outstanding research qualities. 


Sandrine Nugteren

Sandrine Nugteren (MD, PhD student)
Sandrine initiated her studies at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam where she received her medical degree in 2014 and finished a research master in Infection and Immunity in 2015, both with "cum laude" distinction. During her research master she focused on various aspects of innate intestinal immune regulation, starting in Janneke Samsom's lab and finishing with an internship in the lab of Kevin Maloy at the University of Oxford. Thereafter she performed a short project on the role of the protein Secretory Leukocyte Protease inhibitor (SLPI) in wound healing in the lab of Mark Coles at the University of York.  In 2015 Sandrine started as pathologist-in-training in the Erasmus MC and in January 2017 she joined Janneke Samsom's lab again for a PhD on the role of SLPI in intestinal inflammation and colorectal carcinoma.


Dicky Lindenbergh-Kortleve 

Dicky J. Lindenbergh-Kortleve (research technician)

Dicky received her degree from the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences in 1974. In 2001 she joined the lab as a research technician. Dicky has set up our immunohistochemistry unit for paraffin fixed and cryo embedded tissues. She is responsible for all our microscopy research and has implemented this technique for in depth analysis of intestinal biopsies from IBD and celiac disease patients. Over the years Dicky has been involved in practical training of many Master/PhD students and postdocs. 

Rolien Raatgeep 

Rolien H.C. Raatgeep (research technician)

Rolien received her degree from the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences in 1977. In that same year she joined the lab as a research technician. She has skills in biochemistry such as cellular signal transduction and protein analysis. Since 2009 Rolien has implemented our translational IBD research and as such is coordinating all cell isolations and functional assays with patient material. Over the years Rolien has been involved in practical training of many Master/PhD students and postdocs.


Ytje Simons-Oosterhuis

Ytje Simons-Oosterhuis (research technician)

Ytje graduated from the Utrecht University of Life Sciences & Chemistry in 2003. In that same year she joined the lab as a research technician. In the group Ytje has set up the broad repertoire of molecular techniques essential for all lines of research. Moreover, her main line of investigation concerns the role of the NF-kB inhibitor secretory leukocyte protease inhibitor (SLPI) in intestinal homeostasis. Over the years Ytje has been involved in practical training of multiple Master/PhD students and postdocs.

Lisette van Berkel 

Lisette A. Van Berkel (research technician)
Lisette graduated as a Master in Medical Biology from Leiden University in 2000. She joined the Samsom group in Amsterdam in 2000. She has set up all murine models for mucosal tolerance and intestinal inflammation and is responsible for implementing all new developments in flow cytometry. In 2005 she moved with the group to Rotterdam to continue the basic research line on intestinal tolerance. Lisette is an essential contributor to all lab projects containing murine models and/or flow cytometry and as such also trains Master/PhD students and postdocs.


Mahina Tabassum Mitul 

Mahina Mitul (master student)


Ishtu Hageman

Ishtu Hageman (master student)