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Stralingsbeschermingscursus vanaf nu ook in het Engels bij de Erasmus MC Academie

De Basiscursus stralingsbescherming (voorheen stralingshygiëne niveau 5) wordt vanaf september 2018 ook voor Engelstalige kandidaten verzorgd.

Radiation protection course for English participants
When working with X-ray applications or radioactive sources, you need to know how to protect yourself against the possible hazards of ionizing radiation. This is regulated by law. The Erasmus MC Health Academy provides for a practical radiation protection course (formerly level 5 courses). The course consist of self-study and one or more meetings, depending on the work you do. The introduction meeting is for English speaking participants only. The more practical meetings are combined with Dutch speaking attendees, but you will be addressed in English.

Please read the information on our website or contact us at cursusstralingshygiene@erasmusmc.nl or +31 10 7042108 when more information is needed.

gepubliceerd: 1 augustus 2018

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